Could A 90 Day Plan... Really Transform My Life?

"Is a 90 day plan really the key to creating a more satisfying life?"

Setting yourself to accomplish goals in 90 days (such as a 90 day diet) will let you tap into external powers you didn't know you had.

You will first be able to turn a new leaf and take on a new challenge (such as the p90x - 90 day workout plan) which will give you what you need to get what you want.

You'll also be crossing the line from someone who wants to improve his/her life (a dreamer) into someone who is taking action (a do-er!).

You'll also guarantee your success by forming the habits you need to get what you want while keeping what you enjoy in your life!).

A Fresh Start With a New 90 Day Plan...

When we're stuck in a rut, the best way out is to realize that tomorrow is a new day, and that the past is not the future, no matter how vivid the memories are.

Take charge of your seemingly infinite future by breaking it down into 90 day plans of action. Make it a challenge and stay motivated with these self motivation tips!

It's time you got what you wanted. Let's make it happen 90 days at a time!

Take Charge of Your Habits!

It's a fact. It takes time to replace a bad habit with a good habit. It takes even more time to make that new habit a part of you.

Most successful people say that it takes 90 days to start and keep a new habit.

The beauty of a 12 week plan is that it allows you to commit to new habits! 90 days is enough time for you to try out new ways of doing things and see if those new ways work for you or not.

Note: This is good advice except for any 90 day diet. The reason being that the word 'diet' implies that you'll be stopping it sooner or later.

Instead of thinking "on a 90 day diet", think of a "90 day eating plan". That change will help you stick to your goals better!

Stop Dreaming! Start Doing!

What you'll love about 12 week plans (such as 90 day fitness plans or challenges) is that they make you go out and take action!

Look, if you really want things to happen for you as much as I do, you need to start going out there and taking action! It also lets you know just how committed you are to improving your life!

Prove how serious you are to yourself.

Take action!

Warning! Don't make This Mistake!

Understand that the biggest mistake people make when doing a 12 week plan is that they do too much at the same time!

Some challenges (such as the Body For Life challenge and p90x) demand time, energy and money.

Be sure that you have enough of each to complete a 90 day plan before you even start!

For your goals whatever they are, 90 day plans are a great way to go towards accomplishing them.

The SelfImprovedMe site is dedicated to supporting you in your 90 day challenges and know that all the plans I recommend on my site, I have done them personally.

And now, to your success!

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