Could Changing Habits For a Better Life in 90 Days Really Be Possible For Me?

Changing habits is one of the most challenging things anyone can do! Why? Because we don't give ourselves enough time to change habits!

Changing a habit that you've had for a long time is like steering an old, rusty ship towards a new direction - you take action and at first nothing happens.

Worse, moving that rudder is tough because you need to fight the ship's momentum! Eventually the ship will change course and when momentum is finally on your side that change of habit will be stress-free.

Give yourself 90 days to change a habit (It's been scientifically proven that if you want to get into good habits, they generally come into your life in that amount of time!)

Warning: You must know what you'll be going through to make sure your habits change completely! Changing a habit takes you through 3 separate stages:

Let's go through them one at a time and get you knowing what to be ready for!

Stage #1 - Excitement (1-2 weeks in)

Anytime you're doing something new, you're having fun because it's different! When it comes to changing a habit, breaking out of a rut is always fun because you feel good for taking responsibility.

Most people make it through this stage when changing bad habits but this is just the beginning. Step 1 - Stay focused and although you may enjoy this stage, make sure you're aware that the excitement will die down but you will have to keep going!

Stage #2 - Reaction (3-5 weeks in)

Usually, new years resolutions end here! When you're changing habits, the challenge is dealing with your subconscious because it doesn't like change. Let me correct that.

It doesn't like pro-active change. You see, all your subconscious is made for is to make sure you are secure and able to survive.

Any pro-active change means both accepting and acting on the fact that you don't have security and you are putting yourself in a new situation where you may not survive.

So what happens? your subconscious resists any change to get you back to the status quo - back to a "secure and safe" environment. "So what must I do since I'm working on changing bad habits?"

Step 2 - You must anticipate this stage. When I'm changing habits, I reward myself for making it through this period (which usually happens on the 3 to 5 week mark of any 90 day period for changing habits).

Stage #3 - Reformation (10-12 weeks in)

Around 10 to 12 weeks of any 90-day period towards changing bad habits, you'll find yourself more able to live with this new habit.

What's happening is that your subconscious has found a new "stable and secure" way of doing things. The fact that your new lifestyle is bringing you better rewards is a bonus!

If you've finished the 90 day period for changing habits, you can rest assured that the new habit will probably stick!

Step 3 - reward yourself for sticking this long at working for a change of habit! Get ready also because sooner or later you will reap rewards from this new habit (don't laziness come back!) ;-)

Final Thoughts on Making a Change of Habit

So there you have it,90 days is more than enough time when it comes to changing habits.

Granted, some habits are harder to change than others and if that's the case, just know that you can use the same 3 stage period and just change how long each stage is.

You just have to extend the time period (which I've had to do for a lot of things, such as changing how I handle my relationships.) Reward yourself for every change of habit and you'll be able to make changing bad habits as fun and as rewarding as it can be! ;-)

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