Want to Go From Debt to Wealth With Confidence?

So you want to go from debt to wealth? How about being a millionaire? Well, that's nice but you must change things that are not only free to change, but that are also crucial to building wealth.

The main thing that needs to change is your self-image. How you see yourself financially, and whether or not you genuinely feel like you can go from debt to wealth.

Okay, I'm going to be brutally honest with you (Yes, you can send hate mail later! ;-) ) but right now if you're reading this, you are not worth a million dollars.

Think and Do Like a Millionaire!

Let me be more specific: Who you are right now is not worth a million dollars in the marketplace.

Maybe you are valuable to your friends and family, but when it comes to wealth, you are not. Do you know why?

Because when it comes to building wealth, what a millionaire does and what you do are very different. (and I'm not talking about your hobbies or how many toys you have! :))

I'm talking about your habits, money-making skills and self-image - Do you think you deserve the transformation?

If it makes you feel any better, I'm not worth a million bucks yet either! On the other hand, I'm slowly and surely changing a lot of things about me and more until I get from debt to wealth. Yup! That's me on the top picture, studying it up!

And how do you know you're a millionaire? Most people would say "when you have a million dollars!" but I disagree.

Anyone can be a millionaire from winning the lottery, or marrying a multi-millionaire and then divorcing (Yes! As a wealth-building strategy! :) ), or inheriting it. People who became rich through those means really haven't built wealth.

They have a million dollars, but they don't have what I consider to be the key to being financially affluent: the skills and habits needed to build true wealth. We always hear stories about people who won and lose the lottery.

Believe That You are Worth Going from Debt to Wealth!

I will never forget reading about how when a reporter asked billionaire Henry Ford (founder of 'Ford Motor Company') what would he do if he lost his fortune. Instead of panicking he calmly said:

"Give me five years, and I will rebuild my wealth."

Now that's an inspirational quote, and it says a lot about what he believes he's worth. Another short inspirational quote from this innovator is: "Whether you believe you can, or whether you believe you can't, you're right".

Build Wealth by Doing What You Love!

Sure, some of you are thinking that at least they got to enjoy the lifestyle of a millionaire! Well, how about enjoying that lifestyle, knowing that you've not only earned it, but that you've gone from debt to wealth from doing following your passion?

You see the biggest difference between wealth and poverty is not about abundance, nor about intelligence. It's about your choices towards going from debt to wealth and whether or not your self-image has the resourcefulness and commitment to pay the demanded price day in and day out!

Okay, now let's talk about what you can start doing now! Let's start building wealth together! ;-).

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