Could Effective Time Management Make Time For You In 3 Simple Steps?

Hey there, future Master of Effective Time Management! Here's a question for you: What do the constantly joyful and depressed people alike, have the same amount of everyday? Answer? Time!

Learn how to manage your time and do what makes you happy! Learn to tell the difference between priorities and urgencies and you will be much happier - guaranteed!

Time Management

We all have the same amount of time, but we don't have the same amount in other areas of our lives. My question is "Why not? The reason is that - people manage their time differently!

What's worse is that many people's time management skills are subconscious. In other words, people aren't aware of their time management skills (or lack thereof).

- Some people are born with organizational skills while others are still wondering how to overcome procrastination.

- Some people use a time management planner while others take memory notes. Some people have a priorities list while others use a 'to do' list (which does more pain than good!

Guess what? All these are part of effective time management!

Judge the Seed by The Harvest!

Well, how do you what do to and what not to do?

Step 1 is to simply look at the results of the do-er.

Is the person an example of who you want to be? If (s)he is, then learn how they manage their time so that you too, will end up where that person is.

- Is (s)he writing things down in a time management planner?

- Is (s)he preventing procrastination by 'just doing it'?

You see, it's like Hyrum Smith said: "You control your life by controlling your time!"

Step 2 towards effective time management is to notice how you are getting things done. Do you even get things done?

Step 3 is to be aware of your results.

Are you getting the results you want?

Or you are, but you're not finding enough time for other things in your life? Well, you see it's not so much because of the lack of time, but because of the lack of priorities and the lack of priority enforcement.

If you had to choose between kicking back while watching T.V. and exercising, which one would you do? really? Come on. Be honest ;-)

Well, did you know that the average person in the U.S. spends around 28 hours per week on watching T.V?! Let's face it. What is more of a priority for those people right now?

Yup. Exercise... no matter how many health incentives there are.

Know The Difference Between 'Priority' and 'Urgent'!

Now what about how much exercise Americans do on average? Well, considering that more than 30% of Americans across the U.S. are technically obese (not fat but obese), I would say that there isn't much exercise going on.

So what does that tell you? Most people let the urgent (Survivor's on T.V. now! You gotta see it!) and not what's a priority in their life.

What you need to ask yourself is whether or not you have effective time management skills to help you attain your goals, or are they building up procrastination?

We are all given 24 hours but it is how we handle them that ultimately determines our life.

Learn to create effective time management for your life and your goals, or other people who do have effective time management skills will manage you and your goals for you (which will really be theirs'!)

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