The Quick Emotional Intelligence Test

Taking this emotional intelligence test is a proven way to show your level of control when making decisions.

The three categories that will determine your level of emotional of intelligence are your:

If you're planning on making any changes to your life then being emotionally intelligent is a must! ;-)

Emotional Quiz Test Results

Solid: You are in control of your emotions You are able to control your impulses to the point where you feel at peace with most of your choices today. You also feel confident that your future choices will also make you proud of yourself. In this case just keep doing what you're doing and you'll be fine.

Average: You are conscious of your how your emotions affect you. You can control your impulsive desires for the most part. You are generally at peace with your decisions but occasionally find yourself "wishing you hadn't done such-and-such".

You are confident that most of your future choices will make you proud of yourself. I recommend reading about how to improve emotional intelligence by clicking on the link.

Poor: Your basic emotions dictate your life You are not in control of your impulsive desires and it's becoming a problem. You find yourself "wishing you hadn't done such-and-such" and regret some if not all of your day-to-day decisions. Don't worry - all hope is not lost. ;-) I recommend reading about how to improve your emotional intelligence on that page.


Thank you for taking this emotional intelligence test. Being in charge of our emotions is a must when it comes to being successful.

You see we are all tempted by distractions and unexpected events. It's our job to make sure that we are in enough control to go for what really matters to us in the long term.

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