Three Good Leadership Skills Worth Building in 90 Days

"What are some good leadership skills to work on for 90 days?" When it comes to leading others towards something having good leadership skills is a must!

I recommend working on:

If you want to get the job done as the boss! ;-) Let's look at each one and how they can help you.

Know How to Inspire!

You want to connect to the key emotions that getting the job done provides. So for example if you couldn't care less about the objective you can focus on the other benefits completing that job will have (such as proving your professionalism or getting the job done for your families.)

The first step is to find the emotion that motivates you to lead your people. Once you're able to do that you want to communicate that emotion with the rest of your group.

The communication doesn't have to be verbal. It can be done with your body language or how you do things. And how do you know that your people have got the message?

When you feel that same emotion and energy coming from them. Or you can look at their performance and see if it matches that of an inspired person.

Note: If you're having a hard time finding your emotions and expressing them I recommend taking improv comedy or acting classes for a few months. The exercises and games they have will definitely help you connect with your emotions and get good at expressing them!

Know How to Screen Out!

When it comes to good leadership skills none is more powerful than being able to qualify the people who work for you. You see, sometimes you can have people who just don't have what it takes to get the job done.

As a leader working on having good leadership skills, it's important that you get good at keeping good workers (and treating them well) and good at spotting the ones that don't fit your group.

"How can I tell the difference?" Take a look at their activity. Are they consistently getting the work done? Are they regularly coming late? What does your gut tell you? Finding the ones that don't fit isn't the tough part.

The tough part is proving your leadership traits by facing them and getting them out of your group. Facing your fear and screening out the ones that don't match is well worth it!

Know When to Delegate!

Let's assume that you've been building good leadership skills and can both inspire and keep the good people in your team. The next step is to be a servant.

Your people will tell you either directly or indirectly what they need to get the job done. They might need more inspiration, directions, authority, etc...

What's important is to be willing to delegate authority to your people and to get good at letting go of your control. Ideally you want your team to be automated so that you can oversee it and keep your time flexible and free.

All in all, good leadership skills worth working on include inspiring, screening people out and delegating. Even as you start working on these skills you'll notice how your team (and yourself) will improve their performance. If you choose to just work on these skills for 90 days you will see results!

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