How To Build Self Confidence With 3 Practical Tips!

Well guess what - you have all the tools! The main reason why people lack confidence is because they focus on their failures rather than on their successes.

Want to know how to build self confidence? So let's get your success list greater and focus on it!

I recommend:

These 3 practical steps will build self confidence so that you can experience a more fulfilled life now!

Make an 'Achievement List'

Go grab a pen and paper. Give yourself at least ten to thirty minutes and write down all the things you've ever achieved.

These have to be things that matter to you first! They can be even small things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator for your health.

Let your mind go through all your successes and keep writing them down until you run out of ideas. Put that list somewhere special and go through it daily! ;-)

As you keep learning how to build self confidence this list will grow.

Put Yourself In Scary Situations

Is your potential partner sitting next to you on the bus? Do you want to start a conversation but are too afraid?

Well, before that was a valid excuse but no longer. Everyday I recommend doing one small thing that scares you no matter what your imaginary consequences are. More often than not you will be pleasantly surprised!

Stay Uncomfortable

Are you in an argument with your coworker? Are you trying to fix the sink but don't have a clue? If you're in the middle of this "crisis" and are thinking of just giving in don't!

Instead just stay in the conflict a little longer before calling it quits. If you do that in every uncomfortable situation you're in then your confidence will skyrocket!

Take Action!

The best part of doing steps 2 and 3 is that you can include them in your 'achievement list' (step 1). This will start a positive cycle that can keep your self confidence on the rise!

If you're ready to put your self-confidence on steroids then I recommend taking a look at making a rock solid personal success plan by clicking on the link!

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