How To Set goals And Reach Them In 90 Days Or Less

Start living better by learning how to set goals! If you were a ship, your goals would be your destination and what a destination!

Your goals are so important that without them, you wouldn't even be a ship! Learn to dream them, write them down, go for them, and fulfill them in 3 months. Guaranteed!

You Already Know How to Set Goals Successfully!

Believe it or not, but the process for setting goals is the same process that we all used as babies, and that "geniuses" have credited for their said 'genius'.

"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious." Albert Einstein

Knowing how to set goals starts with something we are all born with: desire.

Desire is the key to wanting to know how to set goals that are meaningful to you and achieving them.

According to, desire is "to wish or long for".
What do you wish or long for? What do you want to see done NOW?

When we were babies we knew what we desired. When we wanted milk, or attention, our desire made sure we did what it took to get it.

Or how about when a baby learns to walk? Or talk? What is it that makes the baby learn that? As far as the baby is concerned, she doesn't care. Her only care is that she gets the job done!

Learn How to Set Goals by First Listening to Yourself!

The big problem is that from the time we are kids with a conscious mind, society teaches us to not 'want' what we really want. We get mixed messages from outside voices and our own voice. This hurts us when we're learning how to set goals.

We are taught to act out of duty, and not out of desire, or life purpose. This is why many of the 'new years' resolutions fail (except the one of getting mad drunk! ;-))

Most people's idea of how to set goals consists of picking a random amount of weight (because they should) and just mentally writing it down in their head.

They try it out, lose momentum and then quit. They don't understand the true meaning of success! In my case, it wasn't until I left university that I stopped listening to my parents' voice that wanted me to be a pilot.

Now I work on becoming a successful entrepreneur and I love it! Why? Because my goal of being a successful entrepreneur comes from my genuine desire to be one!

I'm listening to my own voice and it's making me write down 90-day goals that will make a great entrepreneur out of me.

Start listening to your own voice and your true desires. When you do, you will no longer stay stuck in bad relationships and soul-sucking jobs: Other people stay stuck because it's what others wanted for them.

Write Down Your Desires in a 90-day Notebook!

I'll tell you right now. If you don't have plans for your life, others will! Start listening to your inner voice and let it bring out your desires out of you.

Get a notebook and write down your desires. You'll be glad you did! As you start taking on 90-day goals, keep the notebook and write down everything that involves those goals.

Practical Steps to Find Your Desires in Less Than 90 Seconds!

What do you want so bad that just thinking about it makes your stomach boil? What is something that you (not your friends nor your family) want? For example it could be your ideal partner (or partners), maybe your future sports car!

How about a being on that long-deserved vacation to Rome? It can be anything you desire as long as it creates an emotional stir within you.

Step 1 - Close your eyes (after reading this paragraph of course!) and find a life or lifestyle that you want that is so powerful you can't help but shed tears because it brings so much hope and joy!

Eleanor Roosevelt said "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." Close your eyes and keep seeking that beauty. Do this for 90 seconds a day until you find your desires.

Step 2 - In your 90-day notebook, write down your desires freely and without constraint. Whatever they are, write them down.

"What if I am having a hard time finding something?" That's okay. Understand and accept that you are getting conflicting messages because your peers have put many of their desires for you in your head.

What about When I'm Getting Conflicting Messages?

If you get conflicting messages, write them down too. Find what's holding you back.

"What if I only feel a little of the desire you talked about? Do I still write that desire down?" Yes you do! That partial feeling is giving you clues as to what your genuine desire is. Put them in your notebook!

That, is the magic behind every success story. The feelings that come from your dream (and yours alone) are what makes the world go round.

You see, life is really about going for what you want. It's what gives you that sense of inner peace. Knowing that you're going for what matters to you, your 'life purpose' of sorts, is the true meaning of success.

This process is simple but not easy. You'll have to stay focused and hang on to your dreams as if seeing them through was your life purpose (and it is)!

Keep visiting this site and I'll personally see to it that you have a blast pursing your dreams and hanging in there, 90 days at a time!

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