Attention! Improve Emotional Intelligence in 3 Practical Steps!

"Why improve emotional intelligence?" Our consistent choices determine our lives. Fortunately we have power over what we choose because we can now assert power over our emotions.

If you find yourself feeling bad or regretful after making choices consistently (as I did) then rest assured that now you can do something about it!

The three practical steps that will cure you from impulsiveness are:

Once you're armed with these tools you will begin to notice how prouder you feel for making more agreeable choices.

Improve Emotional Intelligence by Writing

"Act in haste, repent at leisure."

I recommend getting yourself a notebook or a daily planner. At the end of the day I recommend giving yourself one to ten minutes to re-assess the choices you've made that day.

Get into the habit of writing down your choices and how they made you feel. Have the title "What I regret having done today!"on the page. Sounds like work?

If you're serious about making more beneficial choices then these few minutes will save you from hours of worrying and regretting!

If you do this everyday for at least two weeks you will find these minutes to be the most well-spent minutes of your day. You'll be able to rest easy and feel confident that your future choices will be made with more care.

Improve Emotional Intelligence By Rewarding

You just had to eat that donut? Yes you are getting fatter and you can spend the rest of the day regretting it if you'd like. In the future, instead of gulping down that future donut - put it somewhere safe and tell yourself that you'll eat it later.

First you're going to go to the gym and exercise. Once you're finished exercising then you can eat that donut. Rewarding yourself in that way with whichever impulses you have will bring you peace of mind about your current and future choices.

Improve Emotional Intelligence by Forgiving

The three of the most popular words you'll ever hear from yourself and to yourself are going to be:

"I forgive you."

Every time you catch yourself making an impulsive decision that you find yourself regretting I recommend repeating those words in your mind. You see, it's all about personal responsibility and accountability.

Forgiveness for your past choices is the quickest path towards being responsible of your future ones. It also takes time to improve your emotional intelligence so you're going to want to be patient with yourself.

Final Thoughts

We only have one life and it's too short to waste on regret and neglect. Take charge of your emotional choices and start moving towards a more fulfilling and complete life!

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