Could This Law Of Abundance Really Help Me Get What I Want?

"What is this law of abundance?" There are two ways of looking at life: There is enough of what you want or there isn't.

When it comes to actually getting what you want it's much easier and more likely to happen if you believe that there's a law of abundance (in other words - there's more than enough of what you want out there!)

By believing in the power of this law, you'll be able to:

These concepts are crucial if you want more out of your life. Let's get into them so that you can use them for yourself!

The Law of Abundance Demands That You Desire More for Yourself!

You see, this law is really a mindset more than anything. It lets you believe that you too can get what you want without feeling ashamed!

"Ashamed of what?" Ashamed that if you get what you want, that means that other people will not get what they want.

In other words, this law makes sure you understand that everyone can get what they want!

It's like wanting sea water (I can't imagine why but let's say!) ;-) If you figured that there is plenty of water for everyone, would you feel guilty for getting all the water you wanted?

Of course not! Not only that, but if you really believed that you could get as much as you wanted, would you collect that seawater with just a spoon?

Of course not! You'd probably take the biggest buckets you could find and then some! ;-)

Law of Abundance Requires That You Dare to Dream and Attract Abundance!

The same goes with your desires! When you allow the law of abundance to work in your life, there's no limit as to how much you could want!

Do you want a Lamborghini? How about wanting two (one in blue and one in white?) How about believing that you will attract them into your life?

Actually, you already do! Right now if I asked you to want a red car, the next time you're out you'll notice more red cars!

You see, what happens is that we are sending out energy waves based off of our conscious and subconscious thoughts!

Here's an example: Remember the last time you laughed when you were with your friends? What did your friends do?

They probably laughed too! Look back at the energy of the room, what did it feel like? I'm willing to bet that it was a cheerful place where everyone was having a good time!

"How come?"Because you're using the universal law of attraction! When you focus on a feeling, you send out as an energy that attracts more of it!

Let's Get it to Work for You!

"How does this help me attract abundance for what I want?"

Well, if you focus on what you want consciously you'll feel good! That will send out the 'feel-good' energy which will come back to you in abundance!

Now do you think you'll get everything that you desire? Probably not. On the other hand, does it hurt to believe that you will and to consciously focus on it?

Probably not! In any case, believing that you can get and attract abundance into your life will most likely make it more possible for you to get it!

"How about my subconscious? Can I get it working to attract abundance too?" Absolutely!

Your subconscious is like a computer program that follows your conscious mind. If you consciously focus on attracting what you want on a regular basis then your subconscious will join in!

It will use the universal law of attraction and will work on attracting what you want as well!

The law of Abundance Requires That You Feel Good When You Get What You Have!

Let's say you have been consciously and subconsciously working to attract abundance, what next?

Well, using this law of abundance combined with the work to manifest it will give you a new problem - what to do with it once you have it?

I recommend allowing yourself to accept it! "Sounds easy enough!" It sure sounds easy, but it's not.

Look at How The law of Abundance Worked Before!

Look back at the last time you had something you really wanted. Weren't you afraid of losing it? Or felt that for some reason you didn't deserve it?

What made you feel that way? You didn't believe in the law of abundance! Again you slipped into thinking that for you to get what you want meant that someone else didn't!

So you let shame creep into your life and felt undeserving of what you had. You see, it's much harder to say "thank you" and accept what you want if you don't believe that others can attract abundance too.

Appreciate and accept what you have once you get it. If it stays in your life, then great! If it leaves your life, then that's okay too!

"That's okay too?!" Sure! By using the law of abundance you understand that what you want will find its way back into your life again!

It's not easy to accept but with practice you'll get it (I've recently been having a hard time with this in my personal relationships - but in all honesty it's more because of my laziness!) ;-)

My Conclusion to Being Able to Attract Abundance

Believing and using the universal laws of attraction will help you bring what you want into your life more easily.

In addition to working for what you want, getting your conscious and subconscious minds onboard will create the synergy you need make your desires happen!

I recommend taking a look at your life now and seeing where the law of abundance could help you.

"Seek and ye shall find!" ;-)

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