Top 3 Organize Tools For Your 12 Week Life Transformation

If you're serious about becoming a new you in 12 weeks then I recommend these 3 top organize tools:

By equipping yourself with these 3 tools you'll boost your chances for staying on track and reaching your goals!

A Dream Board

A dream board is a 1 meter by 1 meter board that has pictures of what you want to accomplish. You can have pictures of your 12-week, 1 year or lifetime goals.

If you have one of these and can look at it everyday you will remind yourself of why you are struggling. It will give you the energy and purpose you need to pro-actively reach your goals.

Get creative with the pictures too! Dare to put up pictures that emotionally empower you to take action! Just make sure that they're appropriate depending on where you're going to have the dream board! ;-)

A Daily Planner

Having a daily planner is one of the best organize tools. You see, having a daily, weekly and monthly plan that you can stick to and see everyday keeps you on track.

Most people give up with changing their lives either because they don't have a plan or don't look at it everyday.

A daily planner keeps your plan in front of you (and this guarantees your eventual success!) Not only that but as you go through your process you're going to feel frustrated. Whenever that happens - trust your plan and trust your process.

A Diary

Reaching goals is tough. You're going to hit walls and have major disappointments. One of the most relieving tools is a diary.

Writing about how you feel everyday is a great way to look at your feedback (good or bad) and get the frustrations off your chest by writing them down.

You can also write down your results and how you plan on reaching them with your current plan. Most people get stuck in the doing but forget about the recording and observing.

Organize Tools Aren't Enough!

Having these tools isn't enough. The daily disciplines of using these tools is what will get you what you want. You can keep yourself disciplined by rewarding yourself for your good habits.

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