Could a Personal Development Plan Improve My Life in 12 Weeks?

A personal development plan is the blueprint of your 90 day journey. It's your transformation's backbone because when things get challenging, a faithful system is what you need to feel safe!

A fail-proof plan consists of:

Let's go over them one at a time! :-)

Part 1 - Your Desire

What do you want out of the 90 day plan? Whatever it is, be sure to write something that:

Having your desires written down with these criteria will propel you onward and upward!

Part 2 - Your Method

When you develop your first plan you understand that the system you use is it's core. You can either use a proven '90 day' transformation system (which I recommend using for your first transformation) such as the P90x for your health or a 12-week wealth system.

You can also make your own system if you want to (that's what I do) where you make your own self-improvement schedule and follow it for 90 days. Whatever system you use, be sure to include it as you develop your first plan.

Part 3 - Your rewards

When you're on a 90-day transformation, you're changing habits.

Be sure to reward your efforts which will make you want to stick to the plan! The rewards themselves don't have to be big. Something small and enjoyable will work just as well.

You also want to have them at certain intervals in your 90 day. For example, I reward myself with a walk down my favorite mountain every 4 weeks of my 12 week transformations. This motivates me to finish.

Part 4 - Your Support Group

In this section of my development plan, I would include either names of people or forums and their contact information that I would talk with and seek support from.

Remember this 12-week journey is a challenge and having someone to talk to when you're feeling down is vital!

The Final Part - Your Contingency Plan

This is where I contemplate what I would do if I ever quit the plan. Or if something bad would happen during the plan - what would I do? At what point would I say that it's no longer worth finishing?

I also think about worst case scenarios such as an injury or theft, etc...anything that my worried mind can conjure, I would find solutions and add them here. I recommend doing the same! ;-)

Remember, you can always start it again!

Developing your personal plan takes a lot of work but if you do it before taking on a 90 day transformation, you can rest easy and know that your chances of success and completion will go through the roof!

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