Why The Best Quotes On Success Aren't Online!

Hey everyone! Here you'll find more than quotes on success to help you reach your own personal achievements.

I believe that motivational quotes from people who are living the life or have achieved the success you want, are the best to read.

This is because you can relate to them and to their own struggles picking up their affirmations and building the same mindset.

Let Role Models' Quotes on Success Inspire You!

Sometimes, the best motivational quotes come from inspiring people we meet throughout our lives.

It may be your own mom or dad or like in my case it can be an idol that you've worked hard to meet (in my case it was Robert Kiyosaki!)

The key is finding something for daily motivation to keep you going as you work every day towards you goals.

Like Robert Collier said "success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out."

How do you like the quote? Good? I'm glad you enjoyed it because who knows? You might even use it as an affirmation (I know I do!) Who is the author of this quote? Any idea?

"Judge The Seed by The Harvest!"

What if he's a beggar from the streets of Paris in 1755? Would that change the value of the quote?

Personally, the fact that the author is a beggar doesn't bother me at all. It is important, however, if my goal is whether to be a beggar or not.

Now does that mean I can't learn anything from this guy if I don't want to be a beggar?

Not at all. In fact, if he was a successful beggar (and in successful I mean that he reached his own inspirational goals) then I might be able to learn something about success and goal setting from him.

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