Relationship Problem Advice: How To Avoid All The Pain In The First Place!

If there's any relationship problem advice that I can give you when it comes to relationships, it's this: "Know when to fold them, know when to hold them, know when to walk away, and know when to run!"

When it comes to getting advice on relationships, the biggest concern is knowing about what kind of relationship you are in in the first place!

Sadly, when we first get involved with another person romantically, we rarely meet the real 'someone' we want to be in a relationship with; man or woman. (Let's face it. We rarely show who we are on the first few dates either!)

Not only that, but our feelings trick our mind for the sake of our genes being able to reproduce! This is normal and natural, we all want to put our best foot forward. Now how does this relate to getting good relationship problem advice?

Well, the quick steps are:

Step 1 Know what you want.

Step 2 Find a partner (or partners) who have want you want.

Step 3 Let go of people who don't have what you want.

Step 4 Study your past relationships.

Know What You Want!

You must also start questioning yourself, and what kind of relationship problems you are bringing into the equation.

Most people seeking out relationship problem advice tend to focus on their partners. I'm asking you to do the grown-up thing and start looking at what you're possibly doing as well.

Settle for What You Want and Reject The Test!

Well, most relationships have problems even before they start! The reason is that we might be consistently having relationships with the wrong people!

So a better question to ask yourself is: What kind of person do I want to have a relationship with, and does the current person I'm with genuinely match what I'm looking for?

Once you know what you want it's a lot easier to enter the dating scene and check relationship compatibility without putting yourself through emotional (or physical) pain or suffering.

What if There is No Telationship Compatibility? Get Out ASAP!

If that person is not what you're looking for, then stop (yes stop) seeking out relationship problem advice and instead let the person go.

"How can you tell whether or not a person is what you want or not? Is it by following your feelings?" Not at all. In relationships it's easy to get misled by your emotions.

Keep your head in the game, and keep an eye on the other person's behavior regularly!

From there, either ignore the behavior or characteristic you don't like of the other person, or let the person in question go!

It's like what my mentor Kid44 says: "You can't build great wine with bad grapes." When it comes to building healthy relationships, start finding healthy people with whom you can build relationships with!

Learn from Your Past!

Start looking at your past relationships:

I know that in my case, most relationships ended because of language barriers, or because when I was working as a dating/relationship coach, many women I would bring into my life felt uncomfortable with that.

On a deeper level, I tended to get melancholic quite regularly, and I would bring the other partner down. This caused the women I would get involved with to leave the relationship. I recognized this because they would say that I was "a downer" at times.

What about you? What are things that you might be doing that are breaking the relationships and making you seek out relationship problem advice again, and again?

You see, what's great is that once you've identified the destructive or negative behavior patterns from your past, you are more able to recognize it in the future and get rid of it!

This habit, with your ability to find and scan out negative people, will guarantee your success with the opposite sex, and you will be able to be your own relationship problem adviser!

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