Could Self Esteem Building Be Possible With 90 Day Plans?

If you can admit to yourself that you need some self esteem building, then you've won half the battle. The other half is knowing how to build self esteem (this is where I come in!) ;-)

I've always stressed 90 day plans for achieving results but you also benefit from the self esteem building as well!

You see, 12 week challenges boost our self esteem by tapping into our:

Let's take a closer look at how to build self esteem with a 90 day plan!

#1 - Ambition

By 'ambition' I mean: our desire for more experiences in life. Wanting to go further and have more is okay. In fact when it comes to self esteem building, you need it!

So what do you want? What is something you've longed for yourself? A bigger house? Financial freedom? A date with a more attractive guy/woman? Both? ;-)

Whatever it is, you can set yourself up to acquire that with 90 day challenges (If you're willing to go the distance that is!) ;-)

From there either finding a system or building one for yourself that will get you results in 90 days (don't worry - that's what I'm here for) will boost your self esteem.

#2 - Flexibility

When you're learning how to build self esteem and how to get more out of life you'll be overwhelmed!

Don't be afraid. 90 day challenges give you a step-by-step and goal-by-goal approach towards accomplishing more out of life. You can conveniently work on how to build self esteem and work at it on your own time.

Too busy with work this week? That's fine - make it a 'minimum activity' week (where you only do what you genuinely can.)

Making an extra $5000 from your website in 90 days seems too daunting? That's okay too - make it more real and manageable by breaking it down to just $500 by the end of 90 days.

All in all, having and applying a 90 day plan helps self esteem building because you're going at it one believeably manageable step at a time!

#3 - Self-forgiveness

Let's say you're working on how to build self esteem in 90 days. Somewhere along the way you quit.

'Quitting' isn't the biggest mistake you can make. What's worse is to berate yourself or stay in denial.

Please don't! Accept responsibility and forgive yourself instead.

We all make mistakes no matter what our initial intentions were. Surely we planned on finishing the 90 day challenge but just couldn't finish it!

Forgive yourself and then take some alone time. Spend time with yourself and go over what stopped you from completing the challenge.

Was it neglect? Was it laziness? Did you not really want the goal? Or did life get in the way?

Whatever it was, take notes (at least mental notes) of what you believe held you back, and right next to it write down what you could do on your next 90 day challenge to solve it.

This practice does more than help you reach your goals, it also teaches you how to build self esteem through personal responsibility.

So there you have it - 90 day plans is your key to building self esteem. Learn more about 90 day plans on my site and join the 90 day-ers club for your own personal development magazine.

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