Have You Lost Motivation? Here are Some Short Inspirational Quotes For Instant Inspiration!

Feeling down? Read some short inspirational quotes - We have encouragement words, leadership quotes and more! Sometimes, we need inspiration.

These quotes that inspire are useful to jump start our momentum again so that we can continue towards our 90 day transformation - both in your professional and personal life.

I'll also comment on how to make the most out of them.

Famous Leadership Quotes

Winston Churchill

John Maxwell

John Quincy Adams

I recommend incorporating these famous leadership quotes. Make them a part of your personal philosophy! As leaders of our lives and of others, it's easy to get frustrated.

Remember that others look up to us and will follow our lead. As we continue working towards our goals the people around will as well, which in turn will help you reach our goal faster!

Encouragement Words

Stephen Covery

Walt Disney

Silvio Berlusconi

Understand that how you're feeling right now is part of the process. We all go through it. Let these encouragement words remind you that yes, even though we all feel held back by our lack of results, you will succeed!

Then again if you keep taking action with an open mind to the feedback and keep calibrating, you will always win - you'll be "cursed to win." ;-)

Goal Setting Quotes

Vince Lombardi

David Ogilvy

Richard Monckton Milnes

Maybe your original goal bores you. Re-read these goal setting quotes and remember that the genuine desire is what's going to take you to where you want to go.

Dream big. Aim high. Understand that the true enjoyment comes from the anticipation and not the prize (but your anticipation strengthens if what you want is more precious to you.)


So there you have it - whenever you're feeling down, come back here and re-read either the famous leadership quotes or the encouragement words.

Know that losing motivation is part of the process and being pro-active about it (as you are now) is a proven way to keep you on track towards finishing your 90 day plan!

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