Attention! Your Time Management Game's Essential Tools!

When it comes to playing time management games there are 3 essential tools you need to make them work.

In fact without them it'll be hard to keep the momentum you need to have fun!

They are:

Rest easy. Once you're armed with this information you'll be able to get back at having more fun with scheduling your time!

Have 'Reward' Or 'Punishment' Money!

If you want to get the most out of your time management games you need to understand your motivation strategy.

Are you a moving towards or a getting away kind of person? In other words do you enjoy going for things more? Or are you motivated by the fear of punishment? Or both?

When you're playing one of these games I recommend adding the extra 'umpf' by putting money down!

If you're a moving towards person put some money down so that when you've accomplished your objectives with the game you can reward yourself.

On the other hand if you fear punishment, take that same amount of money and get ready to toss it (or give it to charity) if you don't meet your game objectives!

Give Yourself 'TMP' Minutes!

"What are 'TMP' minutes?" 'TMP' stands for - Time Management Planning minutes. Everyday you want to take some time to write down your game objectives, alloted time, priorities and rewards/punishments.

When you do it or the amount of time you give yourself is up to you. In my case I usually do it in the morning and it takes me 5-10 minutes.

I recommend devoting that amount of time everyday towards planning your day no matter what time management game you've chosen for yourself.

Giving yourself these 'TMP' minutes is crucial to your success! If you want to have fun when you schedule your day then give yourself the 'TMP' minutes to do it with! ;-)

Have a Planner Handy!

No matter which games you're playing, having a planner is essential to is' practicality! You see, as you get better at managing your day you'll naturally want to squeeze in more into it!

You'll want to do more sports or maybe have more recreational time without feeling guilty (which is all good.)

The problem is that it's easy to lose track of all the chores and the next thing you know you're in over your heads and disappointing everyone (especially yourself!). To prevent this I recommend getting a planner today!

Make Your Time Management Game Count!

Get the most out of whichever time management game you play. I think it's great that you want to make more out of your day without the process having to be a bore. It can be fun and I think you're doing the right thing by making it so.

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